When your back is sending S.O.S

Do you work at the desk for more then 8 hours daily? Do you happen to bring work home from time to time? Do you spend many hours in front of the computer screen? Don’t you get enough sleep? Do you live in a hurry and get stressed all the time? If the answer is yes then you’re heading for serious health problems.

One of them might be a backache. Luckily, there is a way to deal with it. Backaches aren’t only a medical problem anymore these days. It is a big social problem resulting from a lifestyle for example. Backaches usually occur when you turn 30, and the biggest ones appear when you are between 41 and 50 years old.

Not every sport means health

The cause of backaches may be overloading of the spine ligaments. Then our body reacts with spine muscle contractions. It happens because of the incorrect posture, wrong body position (e.g. while sitting for a long time or while sleeping in the wrong position) or due to chronic stress. The most common factors connected with backaches are e.g. unusual height, obesity, age (more than 40 years old), weak stomach muscles, posture defects and injuries of the motor system as well as drugs and other stimulants.

Although it might seem strange at the first sight but an amateur and irresponsible way of practicing sports may be connected with the problem, especially sports such as hokey, football, basketball, athletics, artistic gymnastics, golf, sailing or bowling.